Purepleaser “Spring Break ’86”

This might be the last you hear from me…then again, I make no guarantees. On my way to find Spring Break ’86 now.” 

Spring Break ’86 will see its release this spring…on the heels of the 3333 Park Lane ep, I (infinitely, WE), have worked tirelessly to bring you a long player that is a journey into the memory of memories; a cacophonous weave of lust, love, & loss…for those of you who see sounds.

Don’t know what the future holds for Purepleaser after the release of Spring Break ’86 but you can be assured of this…

“Gonna have me some fun. Gonna kick back in the sun. Not gonna worry ’bout the money ’cause the money always comes. Gonna over simplify, give my life to love and get off, get off, get off…it’s a never ending thirst.”


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